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Dorottya Futóné Papp was born in 1992 in Budapest. She achieved her PhD in November 2021 at the Budapest Univeristy of Technology and Economics. She has been involved with the Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security (CrySyS Lab) since 2013.

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D. Papp, G. Ács, R. Nagy, L. Buttyán
SIMBIoTA-ML: Light-weight, Machine Learning-based Malware Detection for Embedded IoT Devices
7th International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security (IoTBDS)
Online streaming, April 2022
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Nagy, R., Németh, K., D. Papp, L. Buttyán
Rootkit Detection on Embedded IoT Devices
Acta Cybernetica (2021) online-first paper pp. 1 - 32
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Cs. Tamás, D. Papp, L. Buttyán
SIMBIoTA: Similarity-Based Malware Detection on IoT Devices
6th International Conference on Internet of Things, Big Data and Security (IoTBDS)
Online streaming, April 2021
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D. Papp, M. Zombor, L. Buttyán
TEE-based protection of cryptographickeys on embedded IoT devices
Annales Mathematicae et Informaticae 53 (2021) pp. 245 - 256
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M. Juhász, D. Papp, L. Buttyán
Towards Secure Remote Firmware Update on Embedded IoT Devices
12th Conference of PhD Students in Computer Science
Szeged, Hungary, June 2020
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M. Bak, D. Papp, Cs. Tamás, L. Buttyán
Clustering IoT Malware based on Binary Similarity
6th IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Security for Emerging Distributed Network Technologies (DISSECT)
Budapest, Hungary, April 2020
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D. Papp, T. Tarrach, L. Buttyán
Towards Detecting Trigger-based Behavior In Binaries: Uncovering the Correct Environment
International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM)
Oslo, Norway, September 2019
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D. Papp, K. Tamás, L. Buttyán
IoT Hacking - A Primer
Infocommunications Journal, 2nd Issue in 2019.
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D. Papp, L. Buttyán, Z. Ma
Towards Semi-automated Detection of Trigger-based Behavior for Software Security Assurance
ARES '17, Workshop on Software Assurance
Reggio Calabria, Italy, August-September 2017
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D. Papp, Z. Ma, L. Buttyán
RoViM: Rotating Virtual Machines for Security and Fault-Tolerance
EMC2 Summit at CPS Week 2016
Vienna, Austria, April 2016
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D. Papp, B. Kócsó, T. Holczer, L. Buttyán, B. Bencsáth
ROSCO: Repository Of Signed COde
Virus Bulletin 2015
Prague, Czech Republic, September 2015
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D. Papp, Z. Ma, L. Buttyán
Embedded System Security: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attack Taxonomy
IEEE International Confenrence on Privacy, Security, and Trust (PST)
Izmir, Turkey, July 2015
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PhD thesis

Improved security and protection from malware for embedded IoT devices

The field of embedded devices is changing rapidly. While these devices have originally been developed to perform specific tasks, they are now increasingly connected to the Internet, leading to the Internet of Things (IoT). Consequently, embedded devices are increasingly called embedded IoT devices. Internet connectivity enables new and innovative application areas, however, it is a new attack surface which need protection.

In this dissertation, we study the threat landscape of embedded IoT devices and proposed a new attack taxonomy to systematically identify and classify common attacks. We draw two conclusions from this study, namely, that malware is a significant threat in the case of embedded IoT devices and that the vulnerabilities of these devices form a diverse set. These conclusions motivate the following research.

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