Computer-Kommunkationsnetzwerke 1 (VIHIAB01)

Lab 1

During this lab it is required to solve two challenges. The first challenge is a wireshark based task similar to the home assignments.
The second challenge is a programming task required to complete in java.



This is a useful wireshark tutorial.

Java preparation

Java networking lessons from Oracle are useful. They can be found here.

Test before the lab

Students preparation will be tested prior to attending the lab. The required knowledge is the application layer slides from the course.

Challenges - Part 1

Task 1

Open either the webpage of Stanford or the webpage of Yale Daily News (whichever you NEVER! visited before) and solve the following tasks:

Task 2

Open this webpage and solve the following tasks: (compnet/compnet)

Task 3

Open this web page and solve the following tasks:

Task 4

Open this web page and solve the following tasks:

Task 5

GET and POST comparison

Challenges - Part 2

Write a Web Server Application!

The server needs to implement the HTTP 1.0 Standard! (

Only the methods, that are described in this standard, have to implemented!

For your implementation use the supplied Java classes. During your work you are not allowed to change the package or class names.

As a test, put a www folder next to your implementation with a simple web page. Your web server should serve the web pages only from this folder! Your simple web page should contain multiple external resources as well, such as css files and images.