Archívum - 2020-2021-2

Archive - 2020-2021-2

IT Security (VIHIAC01)

This course is delivered in the Computer Science BSc program in the 6th semester. The official syllabus is available on the faculty's web site.



This course gives an overview of the different areas of IT security with the aim of increasing the security awareness of computer science students and shaping their attitude towards designing and using computing systems. The course prepares BSc students for security challenges that they may encounter during their professional career, and at the same time, it provides a basis for those student who want to comtinue their studies at MSc level. We put special emphasis on software security and the practical aspects of developing secure programs.



Kiadott anyagok

Course materials

A kiadott anyagokat a Moodle rendszeren keresztül lehet letölteni.

The course materials can be downloaded from the Moodle sytem.



During the semester

Homework (consisting in multiple assignments) and test.

Calculation of the grade

P = T + H, where T is the points obtained on the test (min 20, max 50 points) and H is the points obtained for the homework (min 25, max 50 points).
P >= 85 pont --> excellent (5);
P >= 70 pont --> good (4);
P >= 55 pont --> satisfactory (3);
P >= 40 pont --> pass (2);
P < 40 pont --> fail (1).

Órák ideje és helye

Time and location of classes



  • Live consultation on Teams, Thursday, from 9:15, on-line


Megbeszélés szerint, az előadóval előre egyeztetett időpontban.

Office hours

Please contact the lecturer to schedule an appointment.



Dátum Téma Előadó
Date Topic Lecturer
2021.02.11. Introduction to IT security Buttyán L.
2021.02.18. History of cryptography Buttyán L.
2021.02.25. Applied modern cryptography Buttyán L.
2021.03.04. User authentication and access control Ládi G.
2021.03.11. Malware and botnets Bencsáth B.
2021.03.18. Memory corruption attacks and countermeasures Gazdag A.
2021.03.25. Web security Gazdag A.
2021.04.01. --- Spring Break ---
2021.04.08. Software security Futóné Papp D.
2021.04.15. Privacy issues and PETs Ács G.
2021.04.22. Mobile and cloud security Gazdag A., Ládi G.
2021.04.29. Network security (offensive side) Bencsáth B.
2021.05.06. Network security (defensive side) Holczer T.
2021.05.13. Economics of security and privacy Biczók G.

Házi feladat


Homework assignments

The homework consist of 5 assignments, which we publish in the Moodle system during the semester as we progress with the material and present the necessary background for each assignment in the lectures. Submission instructions are given in the descriptions of the assignments themselves.



2 weeks are given for solving each assignment. Exact submission dates are given in the Moodle system.



  • Test: May 11, 2021. 08:15 (Budapest time) - tbd
  • Test re-take: May 19, 2021. 08:15 (Budapest time) - tbd
  • Test re-re-take: May 25, 2021. 08:15 (Budapest time) - tbd

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