Security and Privacy: an Economic Approach (VIHIAV34)

This course is delivered in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering BSc/MSc as an elective. The official syllabus is available on the faculty's web site. On this page, you will find the basic information related to the course: lecture times, room and tentative schedule. Content such as slides, pre-recorded lecture videos, recommended reading and up-to-date administrative information is available on the VIK Moodle. as well as the lecture slides, the homework description, and links to some recommended further readings. This site is continuously updated!



Information security is as much an economic problem as it is technical. Even given flawless cryptographic protocols and the availability of perfectly secure software, misaligned economic incentives of different stakeholders in a system often result in a (very) sub-optimal security level. By guiding you through the jungle of asymmetric information, interdependent security, correlated risk and other concepts characteristic for system security, this elective course will enable you to make better decisions in risk management, security investment and policy design on a system level. Furthermore, the course touches upon the economic aspects of data privacy, an emerging area of interest for users and companies in the big data era.



Kiadott anyagok

Course materials

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The course materials can be downloaded from the Moodle sytem.



During the semester

1 mid-term test at the end of the semester (50 points, min. 20 points to pass)

Homework (optional)

Critical review of a related scientific article (max. 10 points). More information TBA.

Calculation of the grade

Score = Test_score + Homework_score. Flexible grading with maximum limits 27/35/43 for grade 3/4/5. Test_score >= 20 required.

Órák ideje és helye

Time and location of classes



  • Wednesday, 12:15-14:00, QBF09


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Office hours

Please contact the lecturer to schedule an appointment.



Date Topic Lecturer
2022.02.16. Introduction Biczók G.
2022.02.23. Microeconomics/Information economics Biczók G.
2022.03.02. Game theory Biczók G.
2022.03.09. Risk management and security investments Biczók G.
2022.03.16. Interdependent security Biczók G.
2022.03.23. Information sharing Biczók G.
2022.03.30. Vulnerabilities Biczók G.
2022.04.06. Cyber-insurance Biczók G.
2022.04.13. Empirical aspects of cyber-insurance Woods D.
2022.04.20. Cancelled (Spring break)
2022.04.27. Cancelled (Dean's break)
2022.05.04. Cyber-warfare Biczók G.
2022.05.11. Interdependent privacy Biczók G.
2022.05.18. Mid-term test (information TBA)

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