Applied Cryptography (VIHIA030)

This course is lectured at the Aquincum Institute of Technology, Budapest . However, it has been accredited and got a course identifier VIHIA030 at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. This page is the course homepage, which contains practical information related to the course and the lectures, consequently, this page is always under construction.



The objective of the course is to give an introduction to the basics of cryptography, to explain how basic building blocks work, and to demonstrate how secure systems can be engineered by properly using them. Besides the theoretical background, we use lot of illustrative examples and show practical applications. In addition, besides the technical details, we give an outlook to the legal and business aspects of using cryptography.





During the semester

1 project assignment and 2 tests (midterm and final)

Grading rules

P = PA + MT + FT, where PA is the points obtained for the project results (min 10, max 20 points), MT is the points obtained in the midterm test (min 10, max 40 points), and FT is the points obtained in the final test (min 10, max 40 points).
A: P >= 85 points;
B: P >= 70 points;
C: P >= 55 points;
D: P >= 40 points;
F: P < 40 pont.

Órák ideje és helye

Time and location of classes



  • Monday, 9:00-11:00, AIT Budapest
  • Thursday, 11:00-13:00, AIT Budapest


Megbeszélés szerint, az előadóval előre egyeztetett időpontban.

Office hours

Please contact the lecturer to schedule an appointment.



Date Topic Lecturer
2017.02.06. History of cryptography Buttyán L.
2017.02.09. Stream ciphers Buttyán L.
2017.02.13. Block ciphers Buttyán L.
2017.02.16. Block encryption modes Buttyán L.
2017.02.20. Attacks on CBC mode encryption Buttyán L.
2017.02.23. Message authentication and integrity protection Buttyán L.
2017.02.27. Secure channels Buttyán L.
2017.03.02. Public key encryption and digital signature schemes Buttyán L.
2017.03.06. Key exchange protocols Buttyán L.
2017.03.09. Random number generation and distributing public keys Buttyán L.
2017.03.13. WiFi security Buttyán L.
2017.03.16. Transport Layer Security Buttyán L.
2017.03.20. Protocols for enhancing privacy Ács G.
2017.03.23. MIDTERM TEST
2017.04.03. Passwords and one-time passwords Lám I.
2017.04.06. Protocols for resource constrained networks Buttyán L.
2017.04.10. Authentication in practice Lám I.
2017.04.13. Secure e-mail Lám I.
2017.04.17. Cancelled (Easter)
2017.04.20. Full disk encryption and beyond Lám I.
2017.04.24. Cloud encryption - Tresorit insights Lám I.
2017.04.27. Digital Rights Management Lám I.
2017.05.01. Cancelled (Labor Day)
2017.05.04. Certificates and Certification Authorities Berta I.
2017.05.11. Electronic signatures Berta I.
2017.05.15. Information security management Berta I.
2017.05.18. FINAL TEST



  • Midterm test: 2017.03.23. - during class
  • Final test: 2017.05.18. - during class

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